StartupEdge got its start because my law clients started asking for more & more of my help when they learned I was a bootstrapping entrepreneur myself.  They liked my results and especially liked how I did things so cheaply.  To date, that's all that StartupEdge is - just a thing I do when people ask.   So ask.  I'd love to help.

My Bio
I've been a business lawyer since 1997, a coach since 2008, and micro-enterprise advocate for 20+ years and an entrepreneur since childhood. I've experienced both huge international successes in business, as well as major catastrophes.  I've served on several boards and was the Director of MicroEnterprise at WomenVenture in the mid-2000's.  My mantra and mission is to create a world in which anyone who wants to succeed in business CAN!  

Good Tidings,
Heidi Pliam