Bootstrapper's Boost

"Bootstrapper's Boost" is a coaching package designed specifically for the would-be entrepreneur with little money but huge dreams.  The package is intended for:

  • Those determined to succeed in business and are tired of waiting
  • Those who know the right help will make the difference
  • Corporate cogs who want to seize control over their lives 
  • Wage slaves who deeply want to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck
  • Anyone who wants to try their hand at business 
  • Those in a position to bring a few thousand dollars to their business dreams 
  • Existing startups who need additional help to realize their full potential
  • Those wanting to start a venture on the side (Those more intense folks ready to dive in with both feet should consider the standard packages on the home page)

A Startup Success Program Customized Specifically for YOU

If a book or checklist was all that was needed to succeed in business, those authors would be billionaires.  Business Success is far more an art than a science.  Streamlined approaches and formulas fall short, because they make you work into a pre-existing mold.  It's obvious when you study successful entrepreneurs, from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, that they broke all the molds.  

The hallmark of all StartupEdge services is working with your strengths, and starting where you are at today. Together we'll take you to the limits of where you can go, and we'll build supportive structures around the places you ought not go.  

Save Thousands of Dollars avoiding False Starts and Novice Mistakes

The wisdom available from experience will help beginning business owners navigate critical issues such as purchasing, marketing, partnering, hiring, protecting ideas, to name a few.  Bootstrappers must have broad skill sets, but more importantly, must know their limits.  The paradox is that the very traits that will make them successful will cause their failure.  That's why it's critical they get help from advisers with a ton of experience across a broad spectrum of issues that startups face.  Only then can the bootstrapper's confidence and apparent multiple talents and knowledge be challenged with credibility, in all the right places.   

What You Get

  • A custom coaching plan building off your skills, experience and strengths
  • Targeted assignments that teach you what you need to know about business, while building your business  
  • A custom reading (or audio-book) list
  • 6 months of weekly coaching sessions  
  • An instant team who serves as your initial board of directors (without the legal weight that carries)

Outcomes You can Expect

  • Create a marketing & sales program that ignites your venture 
  • Get a competitive edge, even with much larger companies,
  • Master simple financials you can use every day without fear 
  • Install systems & operations tools that are free or cheap and work well for where you're at
  • Learn how to manage people with strategic communication skills and powerful insights
  • Learn how to win at business, while maintaining (and improving) relationships with family and friends 


How much money do I need?

  • $2000 to $5,000 is the minimal amount we recommend you put into your own business directly for training alone - before or during the launch phase.
  • The Bootstrapping Boost Coaching Package costs $4000, with $1000 down and $500 a month for 6 months