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From Basement Consignor to Storefront Property Owner:  Repurpose Republic LLC

The great thing about helping my clients is watching them grow and thrive!  Repurpose Republic's owner was a nurse with a passion for vintage & mid-century modern style items, as well as upcycling, re-using enthusiast creating unique furniture, art and decor.  

When I met Doug he had just started selling antiques out of a consignment basement through a local dealer.  Here's a partial list of the things I've helped him do with his business. Some of these I've done on my own, others I've done together with him, and yet others we've done by hiring high-quality yet affordable contractors --all on a shoestring budget but without being foolishly thrift wise.

  • Clarify his brand identify
  • Fine-tuned his target market
  • Named his company Repurpose Republic with basic trademark clearing and market testing
  • Filed his company as an LLC with a federal tax ID 
  • Designed the Repurpose Republic Logo
  • Designed and print business cards and postcards
  • Designed & built a website featuring a remarkably easy to maintain picture uploading system 
  • Created an online marketing plan
  • Created a custom MS Access database for contact, inventory, and ad tracking capabilities
  • Guided him through stressful times and dealing with difficult personalities
  • Negotiated the purchase of a commercial building with outstanding terms
  • Consulted on purchases and pricing.
  • Printed and hung a storefront window logo.
  • Helped stage store displays.

Doug has many talents and a unique personality that I thought needed to come through in his marketing plan.  The result is a truly unique and delightful shopping experience for customers, and a thriving new business for Doug.