Your life and business are about to get better fast!

That is, if you invite me to be your thinking partner, clone, coach, consultant and trusted adviser/confident all in one - just like a business partner but without giving away all your equity.  I'm a small business lawyer, coach, consultant & serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. For approved businesses, I will become your everything partner to make sure your business gets the launch it deserves.  


$5,000 Package

1 month regular pace  




"Crunch Time" - 4 consecutive days up to 50 hours



$10,000 Package

1 or 2 months regular pace 




"Blitz Week" - 8 consecutive days up to 100 hours

$30,000 Package

4 months regular pace




1 Blitz Week a month for 4 consecutive months.


*Regular pace means a maximum of up to 4 hours in any given day, with a maximum of 10 hours in any given week.  Hours will be fitted into other commitments.) 


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